Sound Journeys with Tom Moore
Using sound and silence to inspire deep relaxation, inner peace,
and awakening to the spirit!

Let There Be Light

The music of Let There Be Light is an expression of  light and sound.
It is a journey journey, and it is about movement not only in our outer life, but equally on the inner plane.
Let There Be Light has been nominated in the Zone Music Reporter's "Best Relaxation/Meditation Album" and "Album of the Year" categories for 2017.

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Whispers from Silence

The intent of the album is to help inspire a deeply meditative experience for the listener. 

The music on Whispers from Silence encourages deep relaxation, inner peace, and awakening to the spirit

Using keyboard synthesizers, samplers, and wind instruments Tom Moore & Sherry Finzer  create audio imagery with exotic sounds which unwinds slowly and gracefully. ​​
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Beyond Form

The  album Beyond Form by the duo CRYSTAL (Tom Moore & Mike Clay) is a musical journey (form) to inspire the listener to experience a background  of stillness (beyond form).

The music ranges from simple to complex sonic textures, but every track evokes an attentiveness for deep listening. 
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Sound Dreams
Piloted by Tom Moore, this album explores the world of dream-visions and communicates the experiences through music in Sound Dreams.

Using an actual mellotron, keyboard synthesizers, and samplers, VOYAGER Tom Moore creates a relaxing, meditative, and inspiring world of musical soundscapes.

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