SENSE of PURPOSE COMMUNICATIONS is about helping all of us experience peace and joy,
and to live consciously in the celebration of life.  SOPC is about sharing “Pathways” to help all
of us experience an exceptional, creative and purposeful life.

Wherever you are on your life journey and whatever challenges you are facing at the moment let
SENSE of PURPOSE COMMUNICATIONS be a place of healing for your body, mind, and spirit.

It is my intentions to help everyone to become aware of their most “authenic purpose” and then
live an exceptional and meaningful life that reflects that purpose. 

My “Pathways” of communication include seminars/workshops, writing -- and creating,
recording, producing, and performing music.

All that I offer is toward helping each of us passionately live a meaningful and fulfilling life.
Let's take this journey together!

 Peace and Joy,
  Tom Moore

Purpose and Vision

Our Purpose: 
SENSE of PURPOSE COMMUNICATIONS was founded by Tom Moore in 2005.  It was founded to help people experience their most “authentic self” and then passionately express that experience in their everyday lives.  Our most “authentic self” is what each
of us has in common with all beings, and is our essential and eternal essence.

Our Mission:
To help people live creative, meaningful, exceptional and conscious lives.

The Journey:
To live consciously and connect to our "Beingness" and become aware of the interconnection of all things.  To move from awareness of the essence of our “being” to expressing that consciousness in the everyworld of form, or the world of “doingness.” SENSE of PURPOSE COMMUNICATIONS does this by helping you to experience a "feeling oneness" with the "Beingness" that lies beneath the storms of your everyday life, and
then to express that experience of "feeling oness" in your unique voice.

Our Paths:
Providing lectures, workshops, programs, books, music projects, concerts, and other creative,informative, and inspiring expressions.

 ~ News ~

My and Sherry Finzer's album Let There Be Light was nominated in two Zone Music Reporter's catergories for 2017 
​ZMR is The Industry Source for New Age, World, Ambient, Electronic, Relaxation, and Instrumental Music

"Best Relaxation/Meditation Album"
"Album of the Year"
(The awards ceremony was held in New Orleans in May, 2018)

This album won the ZMR award for the
"Best Relaxation/Meditation Album"
for 2017.

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Travel the "Inner World" while flying the "Outer World." 

Singapore Airlines will be including our album Whispers from Silence "... on their Meditation programmes, and music from that album will be on Hawaiian Airlines' "Soothing Sounds" in-flight program .

​Little Hartley Music of Australia has notified us that Qantas Air of Australia has picked up our album Let There Be Light to be a part of their inflight entertainment program.
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